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Jio All Model Boot Key

(1) F61F :- ACCEPT KEY to suppress 

(2) F81E :- 2+5 KEY to suppress

(3) F101K :-  3 KEY to suppress 

(4) F90M :- EDL Mode UP DOWN KEY 

(5) F41T :- 1 KEY to suppress 


(7) LF-2402 :- EDL MODE UP DOWN KEY 

(8) LF-2403N :- EDL MODE * # KEY to suppress 


(10) F10Q :- EDL MODE Vol Up+ Power Key 

(11) LYF_:- F27i star and hach button
Software related problem in Android mobile phone is something like this.

 1. FRP Lock 
2. Cell phone ki half touch screen do not work Firmware 
3. There is no deletion of some files from mobile phone memory Memory full show Firmware 
4. Mobile phone hangs frequently Firmware 
5. phone slo Firmware 
6. Virus problem Firmware 
7. No switch to Android mobile phone Firmware 
8. no mobile phone gallery open Firmware 
9. Memory full when mobile phone camera is turned on Firmware 
10. Removal of certain functions from mobile phones Firmware 
11. Hydration or disappearance of some application from mobile phone Firmware 
12. Mobile phone white display problem Firmware 
13. Refrigerator of Android mobile phone Firmware 
14. Mobile mobile phone software getting corrupted Firmware 
15.Such as frequent switching of mobile phones and automatic turn on Firmware