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If you bought any movable for Mic not operating drawback at your search thus you simply initial appeal any variety check mic {is operating|is functioning} or not if it's not operating thus you open that movable subsequently check the mic provides correct or not within the Samsung J2 2016 model we've got given the manner in image however is coming up with in motherboard thus if you've got any Samsung J2 movable for repairing Mic not operating drawback thus you simply follow the manner if you've got got any cool testing reading is close to concerning the 600 one thing Ohm if you've got got that reading you simply same the coin weekend showing within the manner perhaps probabilities the referred to as are going to be open in order that condition additionally mic isn't operating thus you simply try and check it if it's ok thus you simply try and replace the mic as a result of eightieth probabilities Mic are going to be faulty if any phone you've got drawback Mic not working

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